Prices of GPS tracking devices

Choose the Right GPS Vehicle Tracking Device for Your Needs. – DIY installation.

Price list of GPS tracking devices

Choose the Right GPS Vehicle Tracking Device for Your Needs

Select a GPS vehicle tracking device; the devices are categorized based on regions: Europe or USA. They are also categorized by data technologies: 2G, LTE, or M1. Device prices are valid only with a subscription to the GPS Cloud tracking system.
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Teltonika FMB020 | OBDII

Introducing the Teltonika FMB020: Your Plug and Track solution! This real-time tracking terminal offers seamless GNSS, 2G GSM, and Bluetooth connectivity. Stay in control with its user-friendly interface and robust performance. Monitor and manage your assets effortlessly with this reliable device. Experience the future of tracking technology today!


  • Ultra-small OBDII plug and track device with GNSS, GSM, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ideal for fleet management, driver log-books, insurance telematics (UBI), and car rental & leasing.
  • Features crash detection, providing detailed crash data.
  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, beacons, headsets, and Bluetooth updates.
  • Designed for a true connected car application with extensive tracking and monitoring capabilities.

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Teltonika FMB003 | OBDII


The Teltonika FMB003 is a compact 2G vehicle tracking device, ideal for seamless integration into any car. It features OBD OEM data reading for real-time odometer and fuel level information. With GNSS and GSM connectivity, it ensures precise location tracking and efficient data transmission. The device supports various peripherals like temperature sensors and BLE devices, enhancing its functionality. Designed for real-time tracking, it’s perfect for effective fleet management and vehicle monitoring.


  • Advanced CAN bus data reading
  • Compact, easy-to-integrate design
  • GNSS and GSM for precise tracking
  • Supports various peripherals
  • Ideal for fleet management

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Teltonika FMT100 | Battery-mounted tracker


The Teltonika FMT100 is a 2G vehicle tracker with a built-in accelerometer, ideal for crash detection and driver identification. It mounts directly on a car battery and features GNSS and GSM connectivity for precise tracking. The device includes a 170 mAh Li-Po battery and supports Bluetooth 4.0+ LE. It offers functionalities like geofencing, green driving, and overspeeding detection. The FMT100 is well-suited for insurance solutions and comprehensive vehicle monitoring.


  • Built-in accelerometer for crash detection
  • Direct car battery mounting
  • GNSS and GSM for accurate tracking
  • 170 mAh Li-Po battery & Bluetooth 4.0+ LE
  • Geofencing, green driving, overspeed detection

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Teltonika FMC880 | Battery-mounted tracker


The Teltonika FMC880 is a high-precision, waterproof GPS tracking device. It offers high GNSS accuracy for reliable performance in various conditions. The device supports LTE CAT-1 and 2G networks for versatile connectivity. Ideal for fleet management, asset tracking, and logistics. Its robust build and advanced capabilities ensure efficient vehicle tracking.


  • High-precision GPS tracking
  • Waterproof design for durability
  • High GNSS accuracy
  • Supports LTE CAT-1 and 2G networks
  • Ideal for fleet management and logistics

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Teltonika FTC881 | Battery-mounted tracker


The Teltonika FTC881 is a 4G LTE Cat 1 high-voltage GPS tracker. It offers enhanced GNSS accuracy for precise location tracking. Designed as a battery-mounted device, it’s suitable for various vehicles. Features robust IP69K resistance, ensuring durability in harsh conditions. Ideal for advanced fleet management with its high precision and connectivity.


  • 4G LTE Cat 1 high-voltage GPS tracker
  • Enhanced GNSS accuracy
  • Battery-mounted design
  • Robust IP69K resistance
  • Ideal for advanced fleet management

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Teltonika FMC800 | OBDII


The Teltonika FMC800 is a plug-and-play, 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker for fast installation. It offers accurate tracking and monitoring with GNSS and LTE/GSM connectivity. Ideal for efficient fleet management, especially in large fleets. The device ensures reliable collection and transmission of location data. Its user-friendly design makes it a versatile choice for various tracking needs.


  • Plug-and-play, easy installation
  • 4G LTE Cat 1 for accurate tracking
  • GNSS and LTE/GSM connectivity
  • Ideal for large fleet management
  • Reliable data collection and transmission

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Teltonika FMM00A | OBDII


The Teltonika FMM00A is a Plug & Play OBD-II tracker with 4G LTE Cat M1, tailored for North America. It features GNSS and Bluetooth for enhanced tracking and connectivity. Capable of reading OBD-II data, it’s ideal for vehicle diagnostics. Supports Teltonika’s EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor BLE accessories. A significant advancement in vehicle tracking and communication technology.


  • Plug & Play OBD-II tracker
  • 4G LTE Cat M1 connectivity
  • GNSS and Bluetooth enabled
  • OBD-II data reading for diagnostics
  • Supports EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor BLE

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Teltonika FMM880 | Battery-mounted tracker


The Teltonika FMM800 is a Plug & Play tracker with quick, easy installation. It uses 4G Cat M1 for accurate tracking and monitoring. Features GNSS and LTE/GSM connectivity for reliable data transmission. Ideal for various use cases, including fleet management. Combines convenience with advanced tracking technology.


  • Plug & Play with easy installation
  • 4G Cat M1 for accurate tracking
  • GNSS and LTE/GSM connectivity
  • Ideal for fleet management
  • Advanced tracking technology

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